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Friday, September 01, 2006

Something about the Broadcasting

These are important news for everybody. The Second World Broadcasters Meeting (WBM2) wrapped up today after delegates fine tuned details of their Asian Games Doha 2006 coverage and toured some of the glittering venues from where televised pictures will entertain the globe in less than 100 days time.

Indeed, in the last three days, delegates from more than a dozen countries have been gathered at the Four Seasons Hotel, hearing about the most advanced and innovative broadcast plans ever seen at an Asian Games.

It's interesting to know that Abdulla Khalid Al Qahtani, Director General of the Doha Asian Games Organising Committee (DAGOC) set the tone when he opened WBM2, saying that soon Qatar would be the "world capital of sports" when Doha 2006 kicks off on December 1.

We must know that DAGOC has used the world forum to elaborate on its ambitious production plans for the Games, while briefing delegates on the International Broadcast Centre (IBC), Broadcast Venue Operations, Telecommunications, Satellite Up-Linking Facilities, Accommodation and Accreditation. In fact, transportation and Games Security have also featured on the packed agenda.

We covered all of the areas that are of concern to broadcasters - from accommodation to the International Broadcast Centre facilities and services. And the feedback from all broadcasters as far as the television production is concerned is that they are really satisfied with our progress and our planning."

The Host Broadcaster, Doha Asian Games Broadcast Services (DAGBS) will employ state of the art broadcast equipment and call upon its international line up of production expertise to bring coverage to a level that rises the bar for Asian Games broadcasting. At least 47 countries and regions are expected to take coverage.

Delegates praised Asian Games organisers for being flexible over time differences. Representatives from Tokyo Broadcasting System - with an audience of 120 million - are pleased that the Marathon is now earlier in the day to reduce the impact of the 6-hour time difference with Japan.

Mr. Al Qahtani called on delegates for their full support to ensure the Games of everyone’s life. "We rely on you, The Games broadcasters to transmit the Games and all the attributes Sports represents such as peace, friendship and positive competition to the international world," he told delegates.

As part of the three-day meeting, representatives were taken on a trip around Doha to look at some of the venues supporting the 423 events.

They went to the Corniche and the location of the start/finish points for the Cycling Road Races, the Marathon, Race Walks, the Triathlon and key broadcast positions for the Sailing competition.